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EpicCraft Commands

The commands listed below are available to the players on the Survival server for EpicCraft. We will try and keep this list up to date as we add more!

Better Pets

/bpets - Access the better pets menu. This will show you how to craft each of the pets as well as an overview of what each pet does!

Basic Commands

/afk - Allows you to toggle your AFK state.

/compact - Compacts all of the items that can be compacted in your inventory. For example: Ingots to Blocks

/enderchest - Allows you to open your enderchest on the go!

/hat - Attempts to place the item in your hand on your head. Works for a lot of blocks too!

/me - Allows you to use actions in chat.

/msg - Allows you to message another player on the server.

/r - A shortcut to reply to the last message

/ping - PONG!

/recipe - Lookup crafting recipes for items

/rules - Shows our rules list! (Please follow them)

/seen - Shows you when a player was last seen.

Teleportation Commands

/back - Allows you to teleport back to your previous location. Useful for deaths.

/home - Allows you to teleport to one of your homes

/sethome - Marks your current location as a home. Add an argument afterwards to name the home. Players have 3 homes that they can use.

/delhome - Allows you to delete one of your homes.

/spawn - Teleports you back to the server spawn

/tpa - Send a teleportation request to another player

/tpahere - Sends a teleportation request to another player, will bring them to you instead.

/tpaccept & /tpdeny - Accept or Deny someone's teleportation request

/warp - Teleport to one of our server warps.

/warps - Shows a list of all the current server warps

Currency Commands

/bal - Shows you your current balance.

/baltop - Shows you a list of the richest players on the server.

/pay - Pay someone else on the server

Shop Commands

/shop - Use this command whilst looking at a chest to create a shop. Once you've typed /shop, press space and it will show you how to create it.

/find - Allows you to find specific items for sale around you

/trade - Sends a trade request to another player. You can trade both items and currency.