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Welcome to the EpicCraft Network Wiki!

You'll find many useful pages on here, documenting the EpicCraft Network and the containing servers that we host. Check out the list of categories below to get started!

How do you join?

The EpicCraft Network is a Java Minecraft, and a Bedrock server network that can be joined using any 1.18.1 client. Our server IP is play.epiccraft.network

Our Rules

  1. Griefing and Stealing (Raiding) is strictly forbidden. Everything is logged so we will know.
  2. Be nice to your fellow players. PVP is enabled but we are not a PVP based server.
  3. Exploiting anything on the server is not allowed. If you find a bug, report it!
  4. Modded clients are allowed but we do not allow any addons that give an unfair advantage. No Xray, Killaura, Speed, Fly, ect...

Moderators and Admins will always have the final say when it comes to our rules. If they tell you to stop, I'd recommend listening to them! Just be awesome to eachother!

Getting Started

We recommend building a base outside of the spawn mountains or joining one of the towns. You can speak to the playerbase about this! We have a list of commands that we grant access to as well!



While this Wiki is inspired by MinecraftOnline, the users of EpicCraft requested for it to be set up; it is therefore not intended to be a copy or clone of MinecraftOnline's Wiki.