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Weizenburg Station

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Weizenburg Station, also named Tuxcrafting Station or Town 1 Station, is the main iceway station in Weizenburg, and it serves as the principal connecting hub for ice and minecart traffic in town.


Located in the middle of Weizenburg, the west façade faces tuxcrafting's apartment building, while the east is bordering Hellenion's Plaza. The northern path leads to Enigmatico's Tower, Sheep-R-Us and Weizenburg's Nether Portal, while the south path connects with Jeder's House.

The station features a total of four platforms and two double-chests allocated for boat and minecart storage.


The station features the following lines:

Super-High Speed Iceway

Weizenburg Local Railway


  • This station along with Enigmatico's are commonly perceived to be the same due to the similar block palette and proximity of the stations.
  • Originally, this station was named Town 1 Station due to Weizenburg being yet unnamed.